I Heart Rough Men


Inspired by the ones who not only "'man' the walls" to keep us safe, but by those in all the tough, dirty, often thankless jobs inside-the-walls who've kept our entire Civilization "on the rails" for this long!

Knock 'em dead graphics by Winged-Victory plus amazing ALL-OVER printing (front & back) by Printful.com equals a winning combination.

LA Apparel PL2332 Sublimation CROP TOP is a comfortable and lightweight 100% polyester tee, made of a fine count yarn. It's specifically designed for sublimation printing and its cut is specially made to reduce, though nothing can completely eliminate, the occurrence of the inevitable white streaks.

Available in these colors (pictured from TOP to Bottom):
Port Wine (Pantone 19-1725)
Grays (somewhat shy of 50 shades)
Blues (Pantone 19-4029)