NOTE: all the slide-show images are artisan hand-stenciled designs.


First, political-correctness will never "dictate" what I design. For example, I will NOT comply with so-called Sharia or Islamic “law,” so if the online fulfillment printers - or Big Cartel - decide to buckle, I will be forced to go back to strictly hand-stenciling and you would need to contact me directly. I’m sure you read how Sears pulled an "Infidel" hat offline/out-of-stores because a Muslim complained. And of course there was the same hop-to-it enthusiasm to perform Confederate-flag exorcisms throughout the land, not long ago. So that being said...


I wanted to be an artist at least since the age of 10. Even before receiving the B.A. seal-of-approval in 1981from Denver’s Metropolitan State College (now, a “university!”), I've consistently found some way to be involved in The Arts.

And boy, have I run the gauntlet: from fancy-schmancy hand-stenciled silk clothing in a hip studio complex in downtown Denver, to full-time home-school teaching here in Texas, for grades K-12 (our "only child" and in traditional classrooms, at both a small and a large co-op). Since our daughter graduated in 2011, I've been writing and creating hand-stenciled freedom-themed t-shirts.


Now, with the advent of online Direct-to-Garment (DTG) t-shirt print fulfillment services, I find it impossible to resist their siren-song (Visit my shop at Teespring for traditional/non-allover printed shirts: teespring-dot-com/stores/winged-victory-365). Here, at Big Cartel, the integration with PRINTFUL.com has made the all-over-print garment the latest, greatest “canvas” for graphic expressions.

Questions?   Requests?   Complaints?

Reach Patrice via e-mail: wholebrainarts-at-verizon-dot-net or on Twitter or Gab: @patricesez