Amo Ammo Camo


It's no secret that without ammo, firearms are nothing more than expensive clubs. Wearing this shirt communicates your love of arms, well, at the speed of light, which is a lot faster than any mere words could!

Say, men, maybe it's time to turn the tables on the ladies! For a birthday or other special occasion, give them one of these shirts (in YOUR size, naturally) and they can sleep in it while you're away. Or not. :-)

Knock 'em dead graphics by Winged-Victory plus amazing ALL-OVER printing (front & back) by equals a winning combination.

LA Apparel PL401 MEN’s Sublimation T-Shirt is a comfortable and lightweight 100% polyester tee, made of a fine count yarn. It's specifically designed for sublimation printing and its cut is specially made to reduce, though nothing can completely eliminate, the occurrence of the inevitable underarm white streaks.

Available in (Pictured from TOP to BOTTOM):
Hot Brass
Silver Bullet